Aug 24- Dick Racy

Cora Vette (Colorado) brings her Dick Tracy burlesque parody to Texas for one night only!

Gangland enforcers broke in to a local theater this afternoon after a refused blackmail attempt of the famed artists Corva Vette and the Chevettes. Standard decency was thrown to the wind as the thugs took over the theater and ransacked the evening’s scheduled performance.

Dick Racy is a burlesque parody of the movie Dick Tracy starring Madonna and Warren Beatty in 1990. Also, featuring numbers from The Mask and Who Framed Rodger Rabbit. It celebrates 1990s gangster speakeasy movies in all their (more naked) glory!

Dick Racy stars Cora Vette and the Chevettes winners of 2017’s Best Troupe at the Hollywood Burlesque Festival and 2017 BurlyPics International Master of Singing.

Dick Racy, A Burlesque Parody! from Cora Vette on Vimeo.