Jan 19- Cirque du Burlesque

Join us Jan 19 for the award-winning and insanely popular Cirque du Burlesque! Featuring aerial performances, acrobats, bellydancers, jugglers, and of course- the best in burlesque! Join us for this non-stop thrill ride hosted by Lillith Grey! 18 & up only please.

Feb 9- The Lollie Bombs

I don’t know about you, but the Lollies try to fit in at least 5 deadly sins before breakfast. We’re just trying to live our best lives over here! We don’t believe in fighting our desires, we embrace them and put them on display for you to enjoy!

Feb 23- Burlesque Murder Mystery

The killer is hiding in plain sight; think you’ve got what it takes to solve the crime? Join us Feb 23 for Die Pageant B*tches Die – a burlesque murder mystery! This show is as interactive as you want it to be. Collect the clues to solve the crime and win the prize or sit back and enjoy your favorite burlesque performers, that is, while you still can.