Dec 9- The Lollie Bombs

“T’was the night before Krampus and all through the thicket,
not a creature was stirring, not even Ms. Switches.
A great silence hung, and Malicious took care
for the dreadul Red demon, Rum, would soon be there.

Willy was pacing, awake by the stage, while visions of Vogue danced in his head.
When out from Viva’s there came a great noise, it frightened the Lollies and shattered their poise

The glow of the stage showed the beast quite clear
It was a monster from hell
…a true Stripper of fear”

Please join us for a very special special Holiday show, Lollie style. We’ll hang belladonna for kisses, and spread Christmas fear. And as our treat to you, we offer 3 special gifts: Red Rum, Willy LaQueue, and Toni Tabasco, all wrapped up and ready to tear into.