Aug 12- The Lollie Bombs: These Are My Monkeys!

Step right up! Get your tickets to witness the greatest show you will ever see! The notorious Lollie Circus is coming to your town this Summer! We are excited to announce that we’ve finally secured the elusive Balloon Broad, Kitty Martini from the exotic Isle of Broads & Panties!

And all the way from the misty lands of Houston, we have the cutest trio of REAL LIVE MONKEYS; Sasha, Cody & Darwin and their mouthpiece, Robert, the famous Capuchin Whisperer!

In preparation for this one-of-a-kind show, the Lollies have conjured up their inner spirit animals in a ritual full of mystery and copious amounts of whiskey. We have everything from the acrobatic Batgirl straight outta hell, to the beautiful dancing Cupcake Butterfly!

So come on down to Viva’s Lounge in your favorite animal outfit and join us in celebrating our inner animals!