Oct 12- The Lollie Bombs

The Lollie Bombs Burlesque & Show Pony Revue Present: Save Honey’s B’s

Can you hear the crickety roll of the old caravans picking up dust and peddling cure-all elixers at every stop?

Why it’s the Lollie Bomb & Show Pony Snake Oil Traveling Company with Club Wood & Friends! Hauling a motley crew of untamed musicians, weird & unusual vaudeville acts, gravity defying feats of amazement, and titillating dances from the most beautiful starlettes you’ve eva seen! Coming to your town for one night only to raise some pennies for their pal Honey Hula-la who has been dealing with that nasty affliction known as The Cancer. Be a kindly friend & neighbor and help us get that gal all fixed up!

Join us October 12th at Viva’s Lounge for a night of carnival games, drankin’, fortune tellin’, and all manner of unforgettable entertainment set to LIVE music by our friends from Club Wood.