July 21- Cirque du Burlesque

Join us July 21st for the award-winning and insanely popular Cirque du Burlesque! Featuring aerial performances, acrobats, clowns, lion tamers, songbirds, and of course- the best in burlesque! Join us for this non-stop thrill ride hosted by Kiki Maroon! 18 & up only please.

July 27 & 28 Texas Queerlesque Festival

Join us for the third annual Texas Queerlesque Fest!

The mission of the Texas Queerlesque Festival is to unify, celebrate, and elevate Queer performers and to push the boundaries of Queerlesque as an art form. We aim to provide captivating showcases of exceptional talent, high-quality education, safe(r) social spaces, and networking opportunities for all members of the burlesque and performing arts communities.

Queerlesque is the space where burlesque and cabaret-style performing arts meet the wild, vibrant, culturally rich Queer community. Queerlesque shows are fabulous spectacles of awesomeness created by, for, and about the queer community, and aim to provide a safe and supportive space for performers of all gender identities, sexual orientations, expressions, and styles.

Coming Soon!


Sept 1 Viva Dallas Burlesque 8:00 pm
Sept 15 Cirque du Burlesque 8:00 pm


Sept 22 Burlesque Murder Mystery 8:00 pm
Sept 28 Pride One 8:00 pm
Oct 5 & 6 Burton Burlesque 8:00 pm
Oct 12 Rockers for Knockers 8:00 pm
Oct 13 Lollie Bombs 8:00 pm
Oct 20 Cirque du Burlesque 8:00 pm